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Behold, A Few Skills I Offer

I've got your back on CMSs

AEM, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Grav, Bolt, Ghost, Expression Engine, and more.

Design can be sketchy, but I'm sharp.

Adobe Cloud Services, Figma, Sketch, Pen & Paper.

I've run multiple systems and I'm not tired yet.

MS Office, Google Workspace, Confluence, Jira, Webex, Zoom, Slack and MS Teams.

I'd rate my coding pun skills a C++

HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, & Javascript

Some things I've learned organically.

SEO, SEM, Branding, Digital & Email Marketing.

My humor is in my bones.

A lifetime of great dry humor, it will make you crack up.

Connected ≠ Input.

User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Personas, Information Architecture, User Testing Tools, Project management, Team Leadership, Communication, and Multidisciplinary Collaboration.

Methods are expected.

UX Design Operations, Multi-disciplinary Team Leadership, Project Management, Agile & SAFe Methodology, Problem Solving

Experienced and young enough.

20+ years of Strong Problem-Solving Skills, Attention to Detail, Creative Thinking, Inaugural Global Design Systems, and Adaptability.

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My Career Experience

I've ventured through many domains, but my brilliance truly emerges in the realm of user experience design. Over a decade, I've honed the art of crafting strategies that seamlessly align user needs with business objectives. When we join forces, the result is nothing short of extraordinary – together, we create solutions that delight and inspire. Let's make exceptional happen. 💪

  • I specialize in creating user-friendly interfaces that simplify complexity.
  • As a visionary problem-solving leader, I have a talent for unleashing the creative superheroes within my team.
  • My firm belief in the enchanting power of teamwork drives us to achieve nothing less than remarkable success.

Why I Choose UX

My passion in life has always been helping others achieve. Whether that is positively impacting their personal or professional lives, this passion helps me stay motivated and enthusiastic. Even though there may be obstacles to overcome, the satisfaction of knowing my efforts make a difference makes it all the more rewarding. 👍

Taking Action

I’m all about helping people become the best they can be in user experience. That’s why I started UX BHM, a community group that gives local talent an incredible chance to learn more, connect with others in the industry, and improve their skills. I want to remove any obstacles that might stop folks from getting the education and knowledge they need to succeed.

A man with a beard and glasses in a circle.

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I'm available for hire or consulting.

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